Parents & Teachers

For teachers and parents the appeal of MTG is wide encouraging strategic thinking, numeracy, literacy and social skills.

It is a registered Mindsport (like Chess & Scrabble) brining together a diverse group of people of all ages to share in a common activity governed by strict rules.


Are you a school teacher or perhaps a sixth former who would like guidance and help to set up and run a Magic the Gathering club at your school? We have plenty of experience and can give you some common-sense tips.

For the pupils the benefits of attending a Magic club are many. Numeracy, as the outcome of a game will depend on the ability of the player to add, subtract and multiply very quickly. Literacy as each card has very clearly defined rules using a wide vocabulary. Lastly social skills as young people used to electronic play enjoy interacting face to face. 


Arranging a birthday party or special occasion?

We can plan and run a Magic themed birthday party or something special for you and your friends. You will discover new exciting ways to play the game you know and love, in action-packed multi-player games.

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